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This self-paced training course gives participants broad study of security controls and techniques on Google Cloud. Through recorded lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, participants explore and deploy the components of a secure Google Cloud solution, including Cloud Identity, Resource Manager, Cloud IAM, Virtual Private Cloud firewalls, Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud Peering, Cloud Interconnect, and VPC Service Controls. This is the first course of the Security in Google Cloud series. After completing this course, enroll in the Security Best Practices in Google Cloud course....

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2019년 2월 1일

Excellent course, I learned a lot about Firewall rules and Stackdriver agents for logging and monitoring. It is amazing all the information you can monitor for audit purposes


2019년 6월 15일

Very detailed and well organized course. It includes practical labs, exercising security concepts and practices on realistic GCP project scenarios.

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