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Course Overview: Statics is the most fundamental course in Mechanics. In this course, you will learn the conditions under which an object or a structure subjected to time-invariant (static) forces is in equilibrium - i.e. the conditions under which it remains stationary or moves with a constant velocity-. You will also learn how to calculate the reaction forces as well as the internal forces experienced throughout the structure so that later you can properly design and size the foundation and the members of the structure to assure the structure’s safety and serviceability. This course is suitable for learners with interest in different Engineering disciplines such as civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, aerospace. Non engineering disciplines may also find the course very useful, from archaeologist who are concerned about the stability of their excavation sites to dentists interested in understanding the forces transmitted through dental bridges, to orthopedic surgeons concerned about the forces transmitted through the spine, or a hip or knee joint. The content will be primarily delivered using light board. Prof. Katafygiotis is going to write and sketch with color markers directly on the board while facing you. You will have an exciting and interactive learning experience online!...

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2020년 5월 5일

Superb and Excellent Teaching by professor. Nicely explained. Easy to understand the concepts. Clearly explained the concepts.


2020년 5월 26일

Thank you so much for the best course! I have had learned on this new course and it was great quality videos lecture.

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