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This course aims to provide a succinct overview of the emerging discipline of Materials Informatics at the intersection of materials science, computational science, and information science. Attention is drawn to specific opportunities afforded by this new field in accelerating materials development and deployment efforts. A particular emphasis is placed on materials exhibiting hierarchical internal structures spanning multiple length/structure scales and the impediments involved in establishing invertible process-structure-property (PSP) linkages for these materials. More specifically, it is argued that modern data sciences (including advanced statistics, dimensionality reduction, and formulation of metamodels) and innovative cyberinfrastructure tools (including integration platforms, databases, and customized tools for enhancement of collaborations among cross-disciplinary team members) are likely to play a critical and pivotal role in addressing the above challenges....

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2018년 9월 22일

Machine learning part and its application to material science was interesting but informative contents like material dev eco system and whole week 1 was more informative than logical


2020년 4월 27일

This course is very much interesting and i have learned about micro structure analysis using data sciences simulation, regression ,finding mechanical properties etc

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