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Mathematics for Engineers: The Capstone Course provides a capstone project for students who are completing the Mathematics for Engineers specialization. Students will first learn some basic concepts in computational fluid dynamics, and then apply these concepts to compute the fluid flow around a cylinder. Access to MATLAB online and the MATLAB grader is given to all students who enroll. Before enrolling, students should have already taken courses in matrix algebra, differential equations, vector calculus and numerical methods and be able to program in MATLAB. The course contains 22 short video lectures and a full set of lecture notes. After each lecture there are problems to solve and at the end of the second and third weeks there is a substantial MATLAB programming assignment. Download the lecture notes: Watch the promotional video:

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2022년 9월 5일

It is an excellent course, with some challenging assignments. I learned a lot from this course and would recommend it to anyone interested in fluid dynamics and with some coding knowledge.


2022년 5월 5일

I missed the path through the entire program, and wish you all good luck!

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