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This course is all about matrices, and concisely covers the linear algebra that an engineer should know. The mathematics in this course is presented at the level of an advanced high school student, but typically students should take this course after completing a university-level single variable calculus course. There are no derivatives or integrals in this course, but students are expected to have attained a sufficient level of mathematical maturity. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to learn the basics of matrix algebra is welcome to join. The course contains 38 short lecture videos, with a few problems to solve after each lecture. And after each substantial topic, there is a short practice quiz. Solutions to the problems and practice quizzes can be found in instructor-provided lecture notes. There are a total of four weeks in the course, and at the end of each week there is an assessed quiz. Download the lecture notes: Watch the promotional video:

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2022년 1월 16일

With regards to my course and program, this was relevant. Although I was behind on some weeks, it was because some of the topics were not in concurrence with my course, but this course really helped.


2021년 8월 4일

This is a carefully sequenced, content-rich introduction to Matrices; beware skimming over details: eg. the use of matrix formalism to solve the least squares problem is little short of magic.

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