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This course will help us to evaluate and compare the models we have developed in previous courses. So far we have developed techniques for regression and classification, but how low should the error of a classifier be (for example) before we decide that the classifier is "good enough"? Or how do we decide which of two regression algorithms is better? By the end of this course you will be familiar with diagnostic techniques that allow you to evaluate and compare classifiers, as well as performance measures that can be used in different regression and classification scenarios. We will also study the training/validation/test pipeline, which can be used to ensure that the models you develop will generalize well to new (or "unseen") data....

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교육 기관: surendar r

2019년 6월 29일

Peer review system HAS TO CHANGE, IT IS VERY POOR currently - As I type this review, I am waiting for my assignment review for around a weeks time now, no luck in getting any feedback no matter how many threads you make or post in discussion forums like mentioned in FAQs.

This peer review system of having 3 reviews to complete the course has to change to 1 peer review for completion of the course. There is no point in making a learner wait for 7-10 days time without providing any kind of feedback. I put the same comment for Course 2 & I am iterating the same comment/suggestion once again in course 3.

교육 기관: Padam J T

2021년 3월 31일

The course provided a lot of insights into predictive modeling.

교육 기관: SNIGDHA K

2021년 5월 7일

Insightful. Thank you so much!!


2021년 3월 24일

Great course.

교육 기관: oriol p

2019년 9월 16일

Great course

교육 기관: Sudhananda P

2021년 4월 14일


교육 기관: Neil S

2019년 11월 17일

Excellent content, but presentation is a bit challenging at times.

교육 기관: J N B P

2020년 6월 30일

A good course about parameters optimization.


2020년 7월 5일

Very poor respect the first curse of the specialization