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Cannabis is a group of flowering plants that has been long used for industrial, recreational and medical purposes. When relating to its medical use, the terms "Medical Cannabis" or "Medical marijuana" has become prevalent. In this course we will use the term "Medical Cannabis". Nowadays, Medical Cannabis involves multiple medical disciplines such as neuroscience, pain, pharmacology, oncology, psychiatry and more. Moreover, it has cultural, agricultural and social, legal and political implications. This course will give you a solid ground to understand the whole picture. By completing this course, you will gain a broad understanding and knowledge base related to medical use of cannabis for pain control. You will be exposed to a wide range of topics such as historical use of cannabis in ancient times, botanic aspects of the plants, and potential benefits and risks associated with its medical use to both individuals and society....

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2019년 6월 2일

I am so happy that this course and school was suggested to me. I was apprehensive to jump back into lessons and tests, etc, but I'm really grateful I did. Helping my career and mind.


2019년 8월 16일

Very informative course for beginners, who are not familiar with the cannabis plant, do not have a background in physiological causes of pain and pain control methods.

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