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Welcome to Course 3 - Models & Frameworks to Support Sales Planning – In this course, you’ll go through a conceptual approach to selling models and frameworks. As a primary learning outcome of this course, we emphasize the improvement in the analytical competencies and skills to develop sales planning and management. And the learning process goes through the application of the models and frameworks that contribute to supporting these processes. This course is aimed at professionals who seek improvement in conceptual support to the sales planning process, especially with an emphasis on applying selling models and frameworks methodology. At this point of the Strategic Sales Management specialization, you have an excellent understanding of the integration of sales planning to the strategy of the company. You also have a vision of major prescriptions and recommendations to support this integration, and proceed to strategic sales planning by applying intelligence analysis. Now, in this course, selling models and frameworks will be discussed, from a conceptual standpoint to add methodological structure into the sales planning process. Therefore, throughout the modules of this course, the subjects discussed will include topics of sales management (module 1), the selling models and frameworks (module 2) that support sales planning, which relates to the hard skills that may be applied. In the third module of this course, soft skills are brought to the discussion, since they comprise an essential component because sales functions include many aspects of the human interactions. Please follow the steps of the course, and for academic objectives, we would recommend you to do it in the sequence of modules proposed, though you may take them in a different order. We look forward to having you during the course modules and lessons....

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2018년 5월 16일

Dear All, course ontent was very relevant, but the peer assignment very confusing. Thanks for the attention.


2022년 9월 21일

ossom as we learned fine technical and managerial skill about sales which is used in our day to day life.

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