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Welcome to Networks and Communications Security Course! In the Networks and Communications Security Course, you will learn about the network structure, data transmission methods, transport formats, and the security measures used to maintain integrity, availability, authentication, and confidentiality of the information being transmitted. Concepts for both public and private communication networks will be discussed. Course Objectives 1. Describe network-related security issues 2. Identify protective measures for telecommunication technologies 3. Define processes for controlling network access 4. Identify processes for managing LAN-based security 5. Describe procedures for operating and configuring networked-based security devices 6. Define procedures to implement and operate wireless technologies...

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2019년 12월 22일

In-depth knowledge of how networks and communication security is administered and the issues that affect it. I highly recommend this course.


2018년 7월 2일

Great course. The instructor was clearly a subject matter expert who broke it down so it was easy to understand. Thank you.

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