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홍콩과학기술대학의 Numerical Methods for Engineers 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course covers the most important numerical methods that an engineer should know. We derive basic algorithms in root finding, matrix algebra, integration and interpolation, ordinary and partial differential equations. We learn how to use MATLAB to solve numerical problems. Access to MATLAB online and the MATLAB grader is given to all students who enroll. We assume students are already familiar with the basics of matrix algebra, differential equations, and vector calculus. Students should have already studied a programming language, and be willing to learn MATLAB. The course contains 74 short lecture videos and MATLAB demonstrations. After each lecture or demonstration, there are problems to solve or programs to write. The course is organized into six weeks, and at the end of each week there is an assessed quiz and a longer programming project. Download the lecture notes: Watch the promotional video:

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2022년 2월 1일

This course is perfect for someone starting with numerical methods and matlab programming. Short lectures, well distributed course content and interesting assignment problems.


2022년 10월 13일

Prof. Chasnov is one the best math's teacher I've ever known. Although I prefer Python, the course was great especially in descripting mathematical foundations. Thanks a lot!

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