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This course is an introduction to the religion of the Vikings as it is recorded in Old Norse and Scandinavian literature from the medieval period. You will learn about the different written sources and what they can teach us about pre-Christian religion in northern Europe in the Viking Age. The course surveys the primary collection of Old Norse poetry about the pre-Christian Scandinavian gods, the Poetic Edda. We will also work with the main collections of stories about the Old Norse gods in prose: Snorri Sturluson's Edda and Saxo's History of the Danes....

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2021년 11월 23일

Great introduction to this material and subject. Did not want to stop watching the videos. very easy to watch. Lots of information given. hope there will be a continuation of this course.


2022년 9월 19일

Very enjoyable. I learned a lot. I appreciate the quizzes, which enabled me to consolidate the material so that I can remember it (after multiple attempts, which was very useful).

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2022년 5월 5일