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Organisations have changed and now, more than ever, personnel management is crucial to organisational success. In this course you’ll explore a range of concepts, theories and methodologies that will help you navigate and optimise your work environment. Via structured learning activities (video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts and written assessments) you will be exposed to the latest best-practice leadership strategies to enable your employees to achieve more at work. You’ll examine case studies on advanced leadership strategies and be challenged to consider how these might apply to your own workplace. And you’ll discover that your ability to manage and lead people in a flatter, more team-driven context is now the key to organisational success. As the world continues to undergo dynamic change, this course will prepare you to be the one to lead your team and your organisation into the dynamic work environments of tomorrow....

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2021년 4월 26일

I thought this course was excellent. The lectures were clear and short enough to keep engaged. The readings and ted talks etc were so interesting and I just really enjoyed soaking it all up!


2020년 10월 7일

Great course, recommended for managers to understand personalities, relations, perceptions, attitudes, cultural differences in work environment.... the course was informative and useful

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2020년 4월 25일

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2019년 12월 29일

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