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몬테레이 공업기술대학의 Organizational innovation and creativity 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This management course focuses on the innovation process by presenting students with methodologies for problem solving and innovation that require research, persistence, and agility. Students will be encouraged to: • Synthesize existing ideas, images, concepts, and skill sets in an original way • Embrace ambiguity • Support divergent thinking and risk taking This course will help you become an effective innovation team leader, take on a role as an innovation executive within a large corporation, or provide entrepreneurial activity. In addition, the knowledge acquired will help you plan, apply and execute innovation skills to develop and launch new products and services. In addition, this online course will teach you how to use innovation and business mentality and methodologies to convert opportunities into product specifications, commercial concepts and eventual introductions of these products or services to new markets....
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2021년 11월 16일