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Inappropriate use of medicines harms patients' health and increases healthcare costs. When healthcare professionals and patients engage together, healthcare can be based on the patient perspective, so the use of medicines is better tailored to each patient's needs and preferences. The result is a better relationship between patients and healthcare professionals, more appropriate medicines use, improved patient outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs. In this course you will learn about the patient perspective on medicines use, and how to explore and apply it in healthcare and health policy. The course is related to the course Patient Perspectives on Medications: Qualitative Interviews, but each course can be taken separately. The course, Understanding Patient Perspectives on Medications, is created by Anna Birna Almarsdóttir, Lotte S. Nørgaard, Sofia K. Sporrong, Lourdes Cantarero-Arevalo, Anne Gerd Granas, Johanne M. Hansen, Martin C. Henman, Solveig N. Jacobsen, Susanne Kaae, Katja Taxis and Ramune Jacobsen....

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