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What sets this Excel course apart is that we don’t focus on quick fixes or specific tips and tricks. This course is for those who already understand Excel. The aim of the course is to elevate Excel models, to improve clarity, longevity, and transferability of these models, and to reduce mistakes and to encourage consistency in businesses as they work with Excel. Through this Excel course learners will gain the tools to decide whether or not to use Excel to solve their problem. They will learn how to set up good input data, format correctly, and the importance of good documentation. Learners will gain the ability to discern between different functions, to understand the pitfalls and strengths of commonly used functions, and to apply correct functions to their Excel models. Those that follow the course will also gain understanding of logical spreadsheet structure, graphs and reporting, and protection and hidden information in Excel, and users will learn how to apply these things to their own models. Finally users will get practical tips and steps for the finalization of a model, the automated checks, the manual run through, and general testing that one should do to ensure that their Excel model is accurate and complete....

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