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Chemical reactions underpin the production of pretty much everything in our modern world. But, what is the driving force behind reactions? Why do some reactions occur over geological time scales whilst others are so fast that we need femtosecond-pulsed lasers to study them? Ultimately, what is going on at the atomic level? Discover the answers to such fundamental questions and more on this course in introductory physical chemistry. The course covers the key concepts of three of the principal topics in first-year undergraduate physical chemistry: thermodynamics, kinetics and quantum mechanics. These three topics cover whether or not reactions occur, how fast they go and what is actually going on at the sub-atomic scale....

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2020년 6월 5일

Thank you so much for giving and including this syllabus which is is very helpfull for my accademic.The lectures given was so clear, and understandabe and also the virtual labs were very fine.


2016년 9월 22일

I like this course very much as it talks clearly about the basic concept in this course.

(Prerequisite: I have learned this course before, I just try to review all the info in this class.)

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