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Good system management not only requires managing the systems themselves, but requires careful planning to make systems interact with each other, auditing of the systems once the systems are built, and proactive maintenance of all systems. Organizations also rely on organizational policies, such as Acceptable Use Policies to bolster the technical aspect of system management. This course explores many of the behind the scenes requirements of good system management. The first half of the course covers how to build security into system management process and the organization policies necessary for any enterprise to follow. The latter half of the course focuses on auditing and maintenance of systems once they have been designed, and implemented. By the end of the course you should be able to design and construct organizational policies based on a set of requirements, audit a system based on those requirements, and make sure systems adhere technically to the set of requirements....

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2018년 12월 11일

A very engaging course content, that is very important for IT System Administrators and any one interested in broadening their understanding of properly maintaining Enterprise Systems.


2019년 3월 7일

I never had the chance to think about policies structure and how to write them. Thank you fr including this section in the IT management profile.

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