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This class is aimed at people interested in understanding the basic science of plant biology. In this four lecture series, we'll first learn about the structure-function of plants and of plant cells. Then we'll try to understand how plants grow and develop, making such complex structures as flowers. Once we know how plants grow and develop, we'll then delve into understanding photosynthesis - how plants take carbon dioxide from the air and water from soil, and turn this into oxygen for us to breathe and sugars for us to eat. In the last lecture we'll learn about the fascinating, important and controversial science behind genetic engineering in agriculture. If you haven't taken it already, you may also be interested in my other course - What A Plant Knows, which examines how plants see, smell, hear and feel their environment: In order to receive academic credit for this course you must successfully pass the academic exam on campus. For information on how to register for the academic exam – Additionally, you can apply to certain degrees using the grades you received on the courses. Read more on this here – Teachers interested in teaching this course in their class rooms are invited to explore our Academic High school program here –

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2021년 6월 17일

Excellent course with lots of information. Professor Chamovitz does a great job presenting this material. After this introductory course I realized how much more there is to learn about Plant Biology.


2022년 10월 23일

A must learn course to hone your understaning in plant biology. The Course is well explained and viusualized by the Instuctor.Also focuses on the current research findings in the genetic engineering.

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교육 기관: Marcela K

2017년 10월 12일

Great course

교육 기관: Randy I

2020년 11월 11일


교육 기관: Meraflor S S

2020년 10월 14일

Its amazing

교육 기관: Ludvig N

2018년 2월 25일


교육 기관: Marta R R

2020년 11월 19일


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2017년 8월 19일


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2021년 2월 3일


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2019년 12월 2일


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2018년 11월 2일


교육 기관: José A P

2017년 7월 19일


교육 기관: Brando M C G

2017년 5월 20일


교육 기관: mariglen111

2017년 3월 21일

love this

교육 기관: JUAN C M S

2020년 9월 14일


교육 기관: obada a

2021년 2월 9일

love it

교육 기관: Jhon T A T

2019년 3월 10일

so good

교육 기관: GHAZALA B

2017년 7월 21일


교육 기관: богдана я

2020년 3월 25일



2020년 7월 12일



2020년 12월 11일


교육 기관: Lavanya T

2020년 5월 5일


교육 기관: Anita S

2017년 4월 21일

Thank you, Dr. Chamovitz! I enjoyed this course. I did WAPK 1 a few years back as well. Please do create many more courses on plant biology - yours is the only one available on Coursera. Some feedback points: 1) Very little interaction and moderation on the discussion forums. There are many interesting points posted there, but no instructor intervention. 2) After listening to the videos i really did not enjoy the reading material provided - perhaps some other sites would be better. 3) The course syllabus is not enough to gauge whether the course is basic, medium or advanced level. Perhaps an indicator would help. For example, in Week 3 content on photosynthesis I was expecting a much more detailed discussion. It would be great to have more advanced courses from you and your team. Your overview explanations are extremely lucid and the visuals provided really help. I think that very few biology textbooks/reading material provide such a clear overview picture and link across concepts. Excellent course! 4) The concern re. GMOs is just touched upon - in such a case I think it would be good if you could take up specific queries, concerns raised in different countries and share your view on those. For example, Bt Brinjal in India. 5) I love the lab visits! Thank you again for this course!

교육 기관: Dan D

2018년 6월 16일

I enjoyed the course and learned a fair amount. And although I've signed up for a handful of Coursera courses over the years, this is my first time ever actually completing one! :)Great professor with a clear lecturing style. I would like to see more PDF materials included in the course. For example, chapters from biology; botany; and other related textbooks -- but also other related texts and not necessarily from textbooks.I was also for a class which focused on a bit more of, for lack of a better way to put it, the plants themselves; maybe not so much at a cellular level but perhaps more at the level of plant organs, reproduction, plant evolution and survival strategies, etc.

교육 기관: Kathie H

2020년 6월 28일

This is a challenging course that extends a beginning knowledge of plants deeper into actual biology. It would be vastly improved with the addition of one week between weeks 3 and 4 that would be about plant breeding in horticulture and agriculture. This would be a better segue into ideas about "feeding the world." As it is now, going from photosynthesis right into transgenic crops is abrupt and confusing. This topic deserves 5 weeks and Professor Chamovitz is certainly the one to teach it!

교육 기관: timothy b

2017년 5월 29일

Very detailed and informative without seeming like schoolwork. I would have given it 5 stars except the GMO lectures were too focused on technology to the exclusion of environmental concerns. Even if GMOs are safe for humans, lab studies are poor predictors of field results. GMOs share many of the problems of invasive species and biological controls. Once released, they require constant monitoring and management, a cost many users are not willing to incur.

교육 기관: Nathan N I

2021년 1월 26일

This course was fun and as informative as the first. I specially enjoyed the genetics areas that were covered. I wish the course was a little longer. Maybe covering Plants immune response to diseases and other plant hormone involved. Overall I greatly appreciate the effort put into this course and would recommend it to anyone interested in studying plants