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(Digital) data are often considered the new oil. Companies often exploit them building platforms, involving different sets of users that generate data – for example, enjoying a digital service through a mobile app – and other organizations that see value in those data and wish to leverage them. This module of the “Platform Thinking” series aims to assess the role of data in digital platforms. We are talking about companies – like social networks – that exploit data to offer personalized advertising or personalized experiences – in services like Netflix or Spotify – but even companies that offer data to external partners for other purposes, like fitness apps that share data with pharmaceutical companies or other health companies. This is a widely intriguing but also a slippery topic, given the amount of data-related scandals we lived over the last few years. Therefore, this course aims to assess the strategies and tactics to exploit data through platforms, highlighting the opportunities and challenges of creating and managing data-driven opportunities. In doing so, we will consider the ethical and policy implications – and related opportunities – to have a transparent and trustable relationship with the end-users. Finally, we will position the data within the platform thinking process....
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교육 기관: Daniele F

2022년 4월 28일