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What are sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and why do we care? What is point of care testing (POCT)? What do clinicians and patients want and need from the POCT for STIs? Point of care testing, or medical diagnostic testing done at the time of patient care, is an important tool for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections. This course looks at point of care testing for sexually transmitted infections from the perspective of the clinician, the patient, and the regulatory environment. Learners will hear from experts about the basics of sexually transmitted infections, the methods of diagnosis, and then dive more deeply into the why and how of point of care testing. Note: This course discusses the specifics of sexually transmitted infections in detail, including photos of genitalia exhibiting symptoms of these infections....
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교육 기관: Wesley A M

2022년 10월 31일

Big waste of time. Little if any practical clinical information.

More of an an academic thought exercise than anything else.