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This course will provide you with the key knowledge and tools to understand the fundamentals and practical implications of precision medicine, its opportunities and challenges. It will address precision-medicine era diagnostics, treatment selection, genetic counseling, public health interventions, and biomedical research. It will also deal with data science and ethical issues. From genomic analysis and genetic counseling to cancer biomarkers, from risk assessment of chronic diseases to the understanding of gene-environment interactions, from pharmacogenomics to multi-omics data integration, experts will walk you through the many aspects of precision medicine, from the bench to the bedside and to population health. Designed for students with a bachelor-level training in life sciences, this course will also be useful for professionals who are increasingly expected to deal with precision medicine, including primary care physicians and other first-line healthcare professionals, cancer and non-communicable diseases specialists, public health policy and decision makers, as well as biomedical researchers and drug developers. Experts from the multiple domains of genetics and genomics, oncology, pharmacology, data sciences, ethics, and biomedical research will provide you with a comprehensive, multi-faceted overview of precision medicine, richly illustrated with practical examples and clinical case studies, and peppered with formative evaluations. Whether you are interested or intrigued by topics such as “genethics”, the analysis of exome sequencing, precision diabetes management, hereditary cancers, the ongoing revolution of genetic technologies, genome-exposome interactions, the pharmacogenetics of opioids, data deidentification, blockchain-base patient-consent documentation, or proteomics and biomarkers, this course will explain the concepts, offer insights and present concrete examples, thus providing you with an overall understanding of the rapidly evolving field of precision medicine. - update - The contents of this course have been updated and important corrections have been implemented thanks to learners' feedback. Many thanks to them!...

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2022년 2월 21일

To be honest, this course was one of the most effective online education that I have ever watched. I hope the advanced course of Percision Medicine will be presented in the futre.

Thank you...


2022년 9월 2일

Loved the fact that so many clinicians, bioinformaticians and geneticists were involved and the case studies were nicely presented. Have recommended to my team

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