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Welcome to your final course in Become and EMT! Prepare for the National Registry exam. The title for this course is a little bit misleading. We do hope that at the completion of this course that you feel more prepared to take the skills portion as well as the written portion of the national registry exam. More than anything else, however, our greatest hope is that we have given you the knowledge and tools to provide high quality patient care once you are certified as an EMT or once you achieve whatever level of patient care provider you aspire to. I think many of you have experienced in school or other training the difference between knowing the information needed to pass a test and being able to apply that information to a real life problem. We want you to be able to apply your knowledge! To accomplish this, there will be videos from prior courses to review, links to the national registry patient care checklists, and you will use these resources to complete a series of patient care scenarios that challenge you to apply what you have learned over the past 5 courses. The next couple of weeks are designed to stretch your knowledge and guide you to apply it to potentially real patient presentations. In addition, you will have the opportunity to practice peer review on the care plans that your fellow learners put together. Not only does this provide you the opportunity to see what other people would do in a similar situation but also reinforces your understanding of the material. Good luck and have fun with this last portion of the specialization!...

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2020년 11월 23일

thank you guys so much and i appreciate the effort and time taken to answer and review my assignments and also thank you guys so much for the opportunity in making this course available


2020년 12월 28일

Very insightful and enjoyable course. Absolutely educative and understanble with coursera

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