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Team leads, managers, and entrepreneurs must juggle team citizenship and leadership, ethics, strategy, and projects with their work in their area of expertise. While an individual contributor’s success may depend on their own direct input -- the sweat of their own brow – managers’ success depends on their ability to enlist the active involvement of others: direct reports, other managers, other team members, other department employees, and those above them on the organizational chart -- sometimes even their suppliers or customers! How do you form, launch, and manage a team such that it has the highest chance of success? How can you ensure your team’s work aligns with the organization’s strategy? What basic project management tools can you utilize right away, without purchasing special software, that will help your team meet its objectives on time, on budget, and to spec? Your success at work will depend on the level of trust your colleagues, those who report to you, and those to whom you report feel toward you – how can you build and maintain a high degree of trust? This course will help you succeed in your career....

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2022년 6월 6일

As I began my first management position in a project it was a tremendously useful course for me!!! I would advice it for everyone who wants to extend their knowledge in management area.


2022년 10월 7일

Very well designed course for the practitioners. Informative, engaging and very well presented and explained by the instructor Prof. Ilysea.

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