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Welcome to the capstone on the specialisation on Privacy & Standardisation. This capstone will build on the knowledge you obtained in the courses: Standardisation & Technology, Privacy in the Western World, Privacy in the USA and Privacy in Europe. The capstone will help you build a comprehensive opinion and it will challenge you in all areas of present-day privacy protection. The assignments invite you to use and revisit the material of all the courses. This capstone will link historic milestones to current limitations and offer you a journey through jurisdictions and technological fields alike. Whereas in the previous courses you were assessed by quizzes, the capstone will require you to carefully consider all you have learned so far and detail your opinion. The assessment in this course will mainly be done by in-depth assignments. Use the few practice exercises well to give you a head start in the graded assignments!...
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교육 기관: Jurjen D

2020년 9월 1일

Really nice course with great introductory video lectures! The assignments can be challenging but after finishing them really feel you understand the material. I noticed that I could use some of my knowledge from the previous courses as well. Good finish to the specialization, thanks!