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I’ve heard this before – “I’m not sure my computer security practices are working”. I reply “Have you tested them?” This course is the fourth and final course in the Practical Computer Security specialization. In this course, you’ll learn how to proactively test what you have put in place to protect your data. In the first week you’ll be able to discuss the basics of deterrents and how to “trick” attackers into believing they’ve hit a goldmine of data away from your real systems. In week 2, you’ll be able to understand and discuss the steps of penetration testing methodology. In week 3, you will be able to understand and apply what you have learned on your own systems to test whether your systems are secure or not. In week 4, we’ll discuss planning for your own methodology that you can apply to your own systems. And finally in week 5, we’ll finish up with a project that will allow you to test your skills in a safe environment....

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2019년 2월 18일

This course was an excellent introduction and overview of what security professionals face. I am non-technical and had only limited difficulty with a small portion of the materials.


2020년 11월 9일

Excellent course! Of the entire specialization, this is the course I've liked the most. I like that it includes both theory and practical cases, not only for the last assigment.

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