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This is Course 5 in the Salesforce Sales Development Representative Professional Certificate. In order to successfully complete the course, please ensure you have taken Course 1: Groundwork for Success in Sales Development, Course 2: Foundations for Interviewing with Confidence, 3: Conversational Selling Playbook for SDRs, and 4: Boosting Productivity through the Tech Stack. In this course, you’ll develop ‘power’ skills that are often overlooked but can actually determine success in your role. As tech industry professionals, we often get trained on how to do the technical work but not on how to give and receive feedback, communicate effectively, present ourselves professionally, and manage relationships. These human-centered skills make all the difference when you are being considered for a promotion within your company or applying for an exciting role at another company. By taking this course, you’ll gain foundational knowledge and skills to crush it as a top-performing SDR and beyond. By the end of the course, you will be able to: - Build an empathetic approach to communication that highlights your professional demeanor - Produce a message with confidence and clarity in order to achieve results - Develop a clear understanding for implementing specific written communication styles in varying scenarios - Cultivate an understanding of diverse opinions and multiple perspectives in the workplace - Compose a three-month plan to implement feedback, optimize learning, and successfully ramp up your career To be successful in this course, you should have: - An ability to communicate in verbal and written form in a way that is accessible and understandable by a general audience (you don’t need to be formal or refined) - Baseline computer literacy (you must be able to use a word processor, web search, and email) - Familiarity with social media, including LinkedIn - Ability and willingness to learn new technology tools - Motivation to grow personally and professionally - Hunger for feedback and coaching - Successfully completed the previous courses in this training...

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