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This course provides insight into the key professional skills needed by managers at all levels of an organisation. You’ll learn key skills such as how to make a positive first impression; how to become a role model at work; effective time and resource management; and networking. This course forms part of a specialisation from the University of London designed to help you develop and build the essential business, academic, and cultural skills necessary to succeed in international business, or in further study. If completed successfully, your certificate from this specialisation can also be used as part of the application process for the University of London Global MBA programme, particularly for early career applicants. If you would like more information about the Global MBA, please visit This course is endorsed by CMI...

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2019년 8월 18일

Very helpful for developing interpersonal and self-management skills in the context of international business. The interviews are very helpful in gaining insights from experienced personalities.


2020년 8월 4일

Thank you for the course! A lot of examples seem to be normal in our lives, but we often forget them or do not consider them! Very clear explanation and good interviewees! Lots of appreciation!

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