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Protecting Business Innovations via Patent Watch Course Overview: This course assumes no prior knowledge in law, business or engineering. However, students with backgrounds in all three areas will find useful concepts or ideas in the course on how to protect business innovations using patents. The approach taken in this course is practical and commercial rather than theoretical. A combination of lectures and case studies help to illustrate the concepts and make the course more interesting. After completing this course, students should be able to understand how patents are issued and protect innovations, including: What is a patent? What do they protect? How do we get a patent? Where are patents valid? How much do they cost? In addition to basic concepts the course also deals with advanced topics such as: software patents, business process patents, patenting life, patent trolls and multiple case examples of large and small companies using patents and patent lawsuits. We also expect you to have fun in this course. So go forth and enjoy! Other courses in the Protecting Business Innovations series: 1. Copyright: 2. Trademark: 3. Patent: 4. Strategy:

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2020년 5월 3일

Super enjoyable.

What are patents, what they protect, how to apply for them and where are they valid. Interesting case studies are presented.

Thank you, Professor Clark and thank you Coursera!


2020년 12월 10일

The course was eye opener. Learnt a lot of new different things bout patent, how to protect my ideas and Innovations and ways it can be stolen from me. Thanks to Coursera for this wonderful course.

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