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This course introduces the basics of Python 3, including conditional execution and iteration as control structures, and strings and lists as data structures. You'll program an on-screen Turtle to draw pretty pictures. You'll also learn to draw reference diagrams as a way to reason about program executions, which will help to build up your debugging skills. The course has no prerequisites. It will cover Chapters 1-9 of the textbook "Fundamentals of Python Programming," which is the accompanying text (optional and free) for this course. The course is for you if you're a newcomer to Python programming, if you need a refresher on Python basics, or if you may have had some exposure to Python programming but want a more in-depth exposition and vocabulary for describing and reasoning about programs. This is the first of five courses in the Python 3 Programming Specialization....

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2020년 12월 7일

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make me confused. Thank you so much for this great course!


2019년 10월 17일

It's a must join course for the people who want to deep dive into the world of Python. I really loving this course very much. I wanna explore more hence opting for other parts of this specialization.

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Python Basics의 3,579개 리뷰 중 3226~3250

교육 기관: Duncan A S P

2020년 8월 19일

A good Python beginner course for those new to programming or want an easy introduction to Python.

교육 기관: Tabshir B B

2019년 9월 7일

The course was quite helpful.Thanks for giving me the oportunity for learning python in a easy way

교육 기관: Yongwei W

2020년 3월 4일

Somewhat a little too basic for me. Will probably look for something more challenging and useful.

교육 기관: Kim D C

2020년 8월 9일

Some of the video lessons and textbook lessons did not quite line up. Otherwise it was well done

교육 기관: Mittal S K

2020년 1월 27일

Pretty good to get the Python Basics before getting on with advanced Python (or ML) programming.

교육 기관: �KEYA M

2020년 6월 12일

this is a good python course for begginners,not too easy but simple. instructors are very good.

교육 기관: Himanshu S J

2020년 3월 8일

Best course for beginners. Could be better if it includes basis packages Pandas and Numpy etc.

교육 기관: SAKSHI J

2020년 8월 14일

The course was amazing for beginners. some methods were a bit confusing like the accumulator.

교육 기관: Irina Z

2019년 12월 1일

I would suggest to add more diverse problems and make more stress on methods and their usage.

교육 기관: David C

2022년 4월 5일

Useful course. The runestone tool was a little buggy but otherwise it was a good grounding.

교육 기관: Hamza H

2021년 8월 2일

great courses with multiple exercises and tests to improve your understanding of the concept

교육 기관: Bart M

2020년 1월 15일

Decent into to Python programming with a focus on how to manipulate Python strings and lists

교육 기관: Rameses

2021년 5월 16일

Frankly the videos were dragging. The textbook is excellent and taught some useful concepts

교육 기관: Aditya R P

2020년 6월 12일

it too good to learn and practice our understandings in optional tools and grate teachings

교육 기관: Marius C

2020년 5월 14일

I like the course, despite some of the assessments, where some exercises were too complex

교육 기관: Shafin A H

2020년 6월 16일

The main thing that attracted me in this course is the way professors represent a topic.

교육 기관: Jayu C

2020년 8월 24일

Almost all possible errors and mistakes one can come through were discussed. Thank you.

교육 기관: Bhupendra Y

2020년 5월 22일

Learn Python Basics very well.

Course contents are good and able to understand it easily

교육 기관: Sandra C

2021년 5월 3일

for an absolute beginner who has not programmed before, very challenging but rewarding

교육 기관: Farshad S

2021년 5월 31일

I would appreciate it if you could please improve the design of interactive exercises

교육 기관: WAGAYE T K

2020년 5월 29일

Good kick start for fundamentals of python, I totally enjoyed the course! Go for it!

교육 기관: Karthik I

2020년 5월 27일

the awesome form of explanation which made us to understand the language very easily

교육 기관: ANUJ Y

2020년 6월 20일

Pretty good explanation of the concepts. It was a great learning experience for me.

교육 기관: Ganna A M

2022년 9월 23일


교육 기관: Antonio J

2020년 10월 20일

Good for novice programmers (people with little experience in programming at all).