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One of the most important skills of successful data scientists and data analysts is the ability to tell a compelling story by visualizing data and findings in an approachable and stimulating way. In this course you will learn many ways to effectively visualize both small and large-scale data. You will be able to take data that at first glance has little meaning and present that data in a form that conveys insights. This course will teach you to work with many Data Visualization tools and techniques. You will learn to create various types of basic and advanced graphs and charts like: Waffle Charts, Area Plots, Histograms, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Scatter Plots, Word Clouds, Choropleth Maps, and many more! You will also create interactive dashboards that allow even those without any Data Science experience to better understand data, and make more effective and informed decisions. You will learn hands-on by completing numerous labs and a final project to practice and apply the many aspects and techniques of Data Visualization using Jupyter Notebooks and a Cloud-based IDE. You will use several data visualization libraries in Python, including Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium, Plotly & Dash....

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2018년 11월 27일

The course with the IBM Lab is a very good way to learn and practice. The tools we've learned in this module can supply a good material to enrich all data work that need to be presented in a nice way.


2020년 8월 13일

Great course, one of the best course to get hands-on learning for Data Visualization with Python. Particularly the lap exercise, it will make you think on every line of code you write. Excellent!!!

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Data Visualization with Python의 1,621개 리뷰 중 176~200

교육 기관: Soumik B

2020년 7월 17일

This is worst course in the specialization. None of the videos give any defined explanation about the parameters or keywords that are discussed in the labs. In the labs too there are no clear explanations as to why certain parameters are used. This is the worst course. I would recommend replacing the videos with videos that actually contain clear explanations. This is not for beginners.

교육 기관: Dmitry N

2019년 9월 18일

502 Bad Gateway

The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.

I think, you really should change this course in a way that one is not dependent on

It simply does not work. I have manually to upload everything to my light version of the Watson Studio.

교육 기관: Anton S

2022년 7월 12일

Worst course from all the Data Science Certificate. Information is unstructured and hard to achieve peer assignments when most labs are not working correctly. Final tests are also very confusing. too much information is not explained.

교육 기관: christos a

2020년 10월 29일

Course feels extremely rushed and the final assignment requires knowledge not taught in classes. I DONT recommend this certificate. If i wanted to google everything i would just kept my mony and wouldnt spend it on garbage moneygrabs.

교육 기관: Elena G

2020년 8월 28일

The class itself is very high level (and super repetitive on unimportant information) , but the final assignment asks for things that were never covered in the class. Anything I learned from this I taught myself. Very frustrating!

교육 기관: Hon T

2022년 3월 30일


I am very mad with registering accounts ibm.

I paid 40$ each month. The course lasts 11 months, and I have only 1 month trial permission.

Do not mention promotion codes. I interupted when I used it.

Bad experiences.

교육 기관: David

2020년 3월 14일

This course is a disaster. Nothing works. It is impossible to propperly prepare the tasks because not one single lab is working. I am paying for this and I feel cheated. I am truly considering dropping from coursera.

교육 기관: Hawa S

2022년 4월 2일

If I could give a zero I would. I have never been so confused over a final assignment before. Everything was fine up until the last point. I wouldn't even recommend this course to experienced individuals

교육 기관: Zach S

2021년 7월 10일

By far the worst course apart of the Data Science Certificate. There were lots of issues with the final assignment working and it totally derailed my learning and interest.

교육 기관: James R

2023년 1월 10일

Uninteresting course that was very difficult to follow. Tried to teach far too wide a scope for the amount of videos/ labs. The final project was just using cop and paste.

교육 기관: Christian D

2022년 8월 28일

This course was a huge disappointment. Because: - Several labs where not working - Could not finish the final lab as intended due to technical problems - No support

교육 기관: Jennifer M S

2022년 4월 20일

Este curso deja mucho que desear, no es un curso muy completo. Te explican todo por encima y lo que te exigen no es proporcional a lo que te esneñan. Muy decepcionada

교육 기관: Michael G

2022년 7월 8일

Final project is very poorly done, instructions unclear and left me confused on what I should upload, especially considering you can only upload 1 file per question.

교육 기관: Hakan C

2020년 3월 14일

I can't use IBM skill network labs for almost a week. There is always an error starting a lab and I will not go on course.

교육 기관: Elliott P

2019년 10월 22일

Labs did not work. Kept getting 'Application Not Responding' errors from the IBM site hosting the lab notebooks.

교육 기관: Takashi N

2022년 8월 27일

The course material should be throughly reviewed. It is one of the worst courses in this specialization.

교육 기관: Wei K

2020년 5월 1일

Poorly design. Not enough practice material to help student to burn the knowledge into our brain.

교육 기관: Albert D

2020년 1월 3일

The link in the labs did not work. The videos were good but I wish I was able to use the labs.

교육 기관: Cedrick N

2019년 10월 30일

I spent more time searching online for answers than I did going through this course.

교육 기관: Ali A

2018년 9월 4일

It was so shallow. Just mentioned everything without going a little bit deeper.

교육 기관: Michael W K

2020년 3월 10일

Many technical issues with the course material that are outright ignored.

교육 기관: Daniel Ș

2019년 12월 26일

Many technical issues with the final project and no one cares...

교육 기관: Nilay M

2020년 5월 28일

Taught Too less. Asked too much during the Final Exam

교육 기관: Ryan C

2022년 3월 23일

Peer-Graded Assignment was missing steps to complete

교육 기관: Douglas E

2022년 6월 12일

instructor help when available is vague and useless