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This course presents a detailed overview of qualitative methods of data collection, including observation, interviews, and focus group discussions. We will start with an in-depth overview of each method, explore how to plan for data collection, including developing data collection guides, and discuss techniques for managing data collection. For observation, we’ll focus on approaches with low levels of interaction with people and the environment (e.g. non-participant observation). We’ll talk about note-taking strategies, the use of observation guides, and approaches to writing up fieldnotes. For interviews, we’ll discuss development of effective question guides and demonstrate interviewing techniques. For focus group discussions, we’ll highlight moderation strategies and how to integrate activities into question guides to promote interaction in the group setting. Finally, we’ll briefly discuss the transcription process for recorded interviews and focus group discussions. Learners of this course will not only be able to put what they learn into practice, but they'll also develop a portfolio of qualitative research materials for career advancement....

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2021년 5월 21일

I enjoyed this course of the "Qualitative Data Collection Methods." That was interesting and useful, thank you very much Mrs Karen and the whole team! My best regards to you, Ashot Sargsyan!


2021년 2월 2일

This course was helpful and it enhances the degree of data collection methods.

Enthusiastic and skilled professor delivered the course.

John Paco Dradria

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