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Sponsored by AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS). Learn real-world product management lessons from Amazon, Tesla, Uber, WeWork, Zoom, the United States Armed Forces, Facebook, Google, Alphabet, Poshmark, Slack, Twitter, Headspace, Walmart Labs, Humana, Schwab, Allianz, Amex, Grohe, Amazon, Costco, Progressive, Activision, Yelp, H&M, Basecamp, Microsoft, and more! Featuring: * NANCY WANG, Head of Data Protection Services, Amazon Web Services; Founder and CEO, Advancing Women in Product * VERONICA PINCHIN, Director of Product Management, Sidewalk Labs * KATE ZHANG, Product Manager, Instagram * BARKHA SAXENA, Chief Data Officer, Poshmark This is the second of four courses in the ACE Recommended Real-World Product Management Specialization. When you complete all four courses, you can earn up to 6 college credits....

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2021년 10월 10일

The course was very practical and real. Although the peer-graded assignments and review can be difficult for beginners. Some of the concepts are hard to grasp for people who have no finance knowledge


2022년 10월 23일

Excellent course! Love how Nancy teaches actual scenarios and allows you to get a glimpse of being a product management. She is so engaging :) Really happy to have discovered this certification.

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2021년 1월 29일

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