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This course focuses on one of the most important tools in your data analysis arsenal: regression analysis. Using either SAS or Python, you will begin with linear regression and then learn how to adapt when two variables do not present a clear linear relationship. You will examine multiple predictors of your outcome and be able to identify confounding variables, which can tell a more compelling story about your results. You will learn the assumptions underlying regression analysis, how to interpret regression coefficients, and how to use regression diagnostic plots and other tools to evaluate the quality of your regression model. Throughout the course, you will share with others the regression models you have developed and the stories they tell you....

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2017년 3월 6일

Awesome course. More than regression generation, they have explained in details about how to interpret regression coefficients and results and how to make conclusions. 5 Stars


2016년 11월 27일

This was a great course. I've done a few in the area of stats, regression and machine learning now and the Wesleyan ones are the most well-rounded of all of them

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