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Understanding renewable energy technologies is important, but equally important is knowing how to effectively deploy these technologies to provide renewable energy to end-users – the topic of this course. Upon completion of the course, you will understand the development and management of renewable energy projects, large and small, from conception to launch and subsequent operation. This course will teach you to plan, execute, and operate renewable energy projects such as solar PV plants, wind farms, and geothermal generators. We first describe how to develop a renewable energy feasibility study and make go-no-go project decisions. We then examine project site selection and evaluation of renewable technology alternatives and technology vendors. Next, we review methods for financing and organizing renewable energy projects. The course concludes with an examinations of project construction, operations and maintenance, repowering, and plant decommissioning. These capabilities will round out your understanding of renewable energy uses and deployment – come join us! Note that this course is the third in a four-course Coursera specialization in Renewable Energy: 1. Renewable Energy Technology Fundamentals 2. Renewable Power Systems 3. Renewable Energy Projects 4. Renewable Energy Futures...

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2022년 8월 9일

Eventhough I do not have any previous studies in finance and economics, I was able to follow and understand the lectures.


2022년 11월 10일

Very good and helpful, course was filled with so much

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