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In Requirements Goal Development and Language Analysis, we move from the spoken word to precise writing. A first step in this is writing goals. We will talk about goals used in requirements engineering and, from this, writing use cases from what we learn. Use cases can be in diagram and written form. Then- the villains enter- misuse cases and abuse cases are discussed in how we can deal with them in a Requirements environment. In gathering requirements, you'll have many questions remaining. Often this leads to the need of more interviews and group sessions. We'll go through how to handle group meetings, dealing with inconsistency, and handling conflict between stakeholders....

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2020년 5월 17일

Thank You for allowing me to learn the course. It was very good experience and happy to complete my course in stipulated time with your good explanation, content and relevant information.


2021년 3월 26일

This course is very helpful for us either we work as project manager and as leader how to overcome that any problem.It will help to solve the problem thanks to Ma'am and Coursera Team.

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