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The main purpose of this course is to focus on good questions and how to answer them. This is essential to making considered decisions as a leader in any organization or in your life overall. Topics will include the basis of human curiosity, development of questions, connections between questions and approaches to information gathering design , variable measurement, sampling, the differences between experimental and non-experimental designs, data analysis, reporting and the ethics of inquiry projects. Emphasis will be placed on approaches used in the social sciences (i.e., sociology, psychology, anthropology), but we will also discuss how others (i.e., natural scientists, business analysts) might approach the inquiry process. No prior knowledge of statistics is required for this course....

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2020년 8월 16일

Very nice experience, i suggest each and every students to complete this course you will surely get something to learn from here.

Thanku shoolini university to provide me this course...


2020년 7월 31일

Very good platform to learn new things which makes us to learn something new and I love this Coursera app which made me to learn about this research design

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