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Factorial experiments are often used in factor screening.; that is, identify the subset of factors in a process or system that are of primary important to the response. Once the set of important factors are identified interest then usually turns to optimization; that is, what levels of the important factors produce the best values of the response. This course provides design and optimization tools to answer that questions using the response surface framework. Other related topics include design and analysis of computer experiments, experiments with mixtures, and experimental strategies to reduce the effect of uncontrollable factors on unwanted variability in the response....

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2021년 10월 9일

DoE is an essential but forgotten initial step in the experimental work! This course gives a very good start and breaking the ice for higher quality of experimental work.


2020년 7월 25일

It was a great experience for me to do the RSM model building an online course. I learned experimental designs for fitting response surfaces.

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2020년 11월 26일

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