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Consumers search for virtually everything. This includes the things that small businesses do, from restaurants to bespoke products. When consumers search they get organic results along with paid results. Paid search ads are systematically designed to be relevant. As a result, they’re often useful at getting consumers where they want to go. Consumers don’t tune out paid search like other types of digital ads. Search ads can be a small business opportunity. While larger advertisers pay massive amounts to place their ads via search, we highlight smart ways small businesses can create their own tailored search campaigns on small budgets. This course shows small businesses how to create and execute search campaigns on Google Ads Search (formally AdWords). Through an introductory overview, students are guided through the official Google Ads Search training materials where they will ultimately earn an official Google Ads Search Certification. Beyond Google materials, practical campaign creation and optimization best practices and exercises are provided by real experts....

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2021년 1월 5일

Gives the basics and a little more to have enough understanding on how to create a successful google ads campaign


2020년 1월 13일

Very informative and practical examples were very valuable + google certification is a plus.

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