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Ever wonder how major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo rank your website within their searches? Or how content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users? Welcome to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This course is the first within the SEO Specialization and it is intended to give you a taste of SEO with some fun practices to get seen in Google. You will be introduced to the foundational elements of how the most popular search engine, Google, works, how the SEO landscape is constantly changing and what you can expect in the future. You discuss core SEO strategies and tactics used to drive more organic search results to a specific website or set of websites, as well as tactics to avoid to prevent penalization from Google. We hope this taste of SEO, will entice you to continue through the Specialization!...

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2016년 8월 9일

Great course, very informative!! I can tell the classes are starting to be structured differently though. Not too much meat to this first course... reserving my opinion, until I go through a few more.


2020년 7월 10일

The way of explaining the terms is excellent and content is very good . I leant many new things from this course. Going to do all the courses of this specialization. Thanks for the wonderful content.

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