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Exercise is medicine. Regular and moderate exercise can effectively strengthen immune system so as to reduce the risk of virus infection and also improve or assist in the treatment of dysthymic disorders like anxiety and depression. This course provides suggestions for the general public about how to actively respond to the outbreak of novel coronavirus. It also explains: how the immune system reacts when viruses invade into the body; why exercises can enhance immunity and what is the mechanism; what the difference is between western sports and traditional eastern exercises. Besides, the course includes training lessons on Baduanjin, Zhanzhuang, Daoyin, Yoga and other exercises conducive to immunity improvement. This course is characteristic for its combination of physical education and medicine, so the course will be taught by experts in either sports or medicine. The teaching content covers both disciplinary theory and specific training method, showcasing the unique culture and charm of the East while conducting cross-cultural communication as well as sharing the wisdom of traditional exercises and modern research and application in this regard....

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2021년 8월 30일

Couple of grammar errors but overall a truely enlightening and informative course


2021년 5월 19일

Great to be a part of this journey of learning new things

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2021년 1월 17일

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2022년 7월 10일