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Social Pedagogy across Europe is the first Massive Open Online Course focused on social pedagogy – a relationship-centred approach to supporting people’s learning, well-being and social inclusion in ways that promote social justice. The course is structured in eight sessions presented over four weeks – an introductory session, six sessions outlining social pedagogy in different European countries and sharing some innovative practice insights, and a review session to support you in applying your learning. You can undertake the six country sessions in any order you would like. Through this course, we aim to: 1. Give you an insight into how social pedagogy has been developing across Europe, highlighting both the diversity and connections, 2. Highlight the importance of valuing every person as intrinsically ‘rich’, recognising their unique potential and ability to be a valuable member of society, 3. Introduce you to ways in which you can bring this belief to life in everyday interactions and relationships that support people’s learning, nurture their well-being and enable them to feel included in society, 4. Ensure you are familiar with the most fundamental aspects of social pedagogical practice in ways that are applicable in your own personal and professional life. If you are currently working with children, young people, families, community groups, vulnerable adults or older people, then this course will be highly relevant. You will gain a panoramic overview of social pedagogy, which explores the principles and key thematic areas in ways that are practice-relevant and can be easily applied in any educational and care setting....

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2020년 5월 1일

Excellent course - learned so much!!!

I will definitely be putting the theory into practice in my working environment!!


2019년 12월 26일

It is very informative as well as very applied course full of interesting videos. I have learnt a lot!

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2019년 3월 5일

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