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Welcome to Spanish for Successful Communication in Healthcare Settings! This course is structured in four modules, each one revolving on a topic related to the physician-patient interaction. Each module contains four lessons; on grammar, vocabulary, the dynamics of the spoken interaction, and aspects of sociocultural relevance. The video lessons are unlike regular “lectures” in which you are just listening. Instead, you should think of them as virtual classes where you are supposed to reflect, complete activities, and even get extra practice on your own time. The videos are a roadmap that will provide what you need to complete the activities on the student handout. Each module is followed by a 10-question quiz. It is important that you complete the lessons sequentially, as they build upon each other....

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2020년 9월 21일

Muy buen curso, te da la realidad actual con el contexto que estamos llevando y eso te ayuda a canalizar mejor todo el aprendizaje.


2020년 8월 11일

Muchísimas gracias, fue un buen trabajo.. lo pasé bien con usted señor Abad. Gané muchas palabras nuevas.

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