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"Action-Driven Business Plan: From the ‘Classroom’ to the World" is a capstone project, that requires you, our learner, to pull together all you will have learned in the three courses that comprise the "Startup Entrepreneurship" Specialization. This course is in fact the culmination of the process designed to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned on a real-world project of your choice. During the following six weeks you will gradually create, improve and refine your business plan, moving from one milestone to another. Each week will begin with a short note from Prof. Maital, explaining what the current phase is about and providing you with points to consider while working on the assignments. We encourage you to practice what you have learned using the self-assessment practice quizzes and brainstorm with your peers in the weekly forums. During the first week you will create a non-business plan as an initial step towards creating your business plan. In weeks two, three and five, you will be required to submit three assignments for peer evaluation, which will help you to prepare your final business plan. At the end of the course you will prepare and submit your completed business plan and an effective two-minute video describing your idea. Your business plan will include the following sections: The Need, the Product, Unique Features, The Market and Future Developments, a Gantt chart and a project budget....

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