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One of the biggest changes in the past decade is the rapid adoption of machine learning, AI, and big data in investment decision making. This course introduces learners with knowledge of the investment industry to foundational statistical concepts underpinning machine learning as well as advanced AI techniques. This course demonstrates core modeling frameworks along with carefully selected real-world investment practice examples. The course seeks to familiarize learners with two important programming languages — Python and R (no prior knowledge of Python or R necessary). The motivation is to demonstrate the elegance — and speed — simple programming brings to the investment decision-making process. The reading material in this course offers in-practice insights curated from the blogs of CFA Institute as well as other leading publications. After taking this course you will be able to: - Describe the importance of identifying information patterns for building models - Explain probability concepts for solving investing problems - Explain the use of linear regression and interpret related Python and R code - Describe gradient descent, explain logistic regression, and interpret Python and R code - Describe the characteristics and uses of time-series models This course is part of the Data Science for Investment Professionals Specialization offered by CFA Institute....

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교육 기관: Vijay G K

2022년 2월 14일

Shreenivas Kunte,CFA did an amazing job in explaining the complex concepts in Statitics (Probability, Linear Regression). Not just the concepts, but its usage in Investment decision making is well explained with examples from real world. Thanks so much.

교육 기관: Calvin L

2022년 9월 29일

Its a course that serves as a good refresher on statistical analysis. Real applications makes statistical concepts easier to relate

교육 기관: Martin A W

2022년 3월 19일

Good about just teacher English accent is difficult to understand

교육 기관: Chern H P

2022년 11월 18일

constructive knowledge with complete guidance