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This course will explore the science of suicide research, prevention, and intervention. The field of suicide research is young and knowledge is rapidly changing. Topics will include terminology, epidemiology, historical and contemporary theories of suicide, modern approaches to suicide research, empirically supported approaches to prevention and intervention, the lived experiences of those with suicidal thoughts and attempts. Note: this course is not designed to address personal experiences with suicidal thoughts, suicide loss, or mental illness nor will it address assessing suicide risk among friends or family members. If you are thinking about suicide or are worried about someone else – please contact your local suicide prevention crisis center as soon as possible. Your life matters and help is available. Each module will include a quiz. The last module’s quiz will be cumulative....

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2022년 12월 5일

Very helpful information that i will always use to prevent others from harm


2022년 6월 22일

This professor is great, I am telling all my coworkers to take this class

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2021년 11월 6일

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