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IBM 기술 네트워크의 Supervised Machine Learning: Classification 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course introduces you to one of the main types of modeling families of supervised Machine Learning: Classification. You will learn how to train predictive models to classify categorical outcomes and how to use error metrics to compare across different models. The hands-on section of this course focuses on using best practices for classification, including train and test splits, and handling data sets with unbalanced classes. By the end of this course you should be able to: -Differentiate uses and applications of classification and classification ensembles -Describe and use logistic regression models -Describe and use decision tree and tree-ensemble models -Describe and use other ensemble methods for classification -Use a variety of error metrics to compare and select the classification model that best suits your data -Use oversampling and undersampling as techniques to handle unbalanced classes in a data set   Who should take this course? This course targets aspiring data scientists interested in acquiring hands-on experience with Supervised Machine Learning Classification techniques in a business setting.   What skills should you have? To make the most out of this course, you should have familiarity with programming on a Python development environment, as well as fundamental understanding of Data Cleaning, Exploratory Data Analysis, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics....

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2022년 2월 21일

Great course, well structured. The presentation of the different methods is very clear and well separated to understand the differences. A good understanding of classifiers is gained from this course.


2021년 2월 28일

Superb ,detailed, well explained, lots of hands on training through labs and most of the major alogrithms are covered!

Keep up the good work. You guys are helping the community a lot :D

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