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애리조나주립대학교의 Sustainability Challenges for the Planet and Employers 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course builds on the foundational knowledge gained in the first course in the series. Learners will continue to shape their understanding of global problems like climate change while developing their skills in using sustainability indicators, managing waste streams, addressing challenges, and providing green building recommendations. Mixed modalities continue to be used to provide text, video, interactive activities, and peer reviews so all learners can add to their knowledge around sustainability issues. Content overviews and instructional lecture videos produced with ASU School of Sustainability professors are the cornerstones of the content presented in this course. Topical and practical knowledge is the central combination of elements driving this course. Through interactive learning objects and peer-reviewed submissions, learners have the opportunity to practice their skills and receive feedback from experts and their fellow learners. Learners also participate in regular knowledge checks throughout the course, with mid-course and final assessments to evaluate their overall learning. This course uses interactive activities, hands-on experiences, and opportunities to build tools like checklists and memo templates to help learners gain confidence in their skills and support their entry into the workforce. Building on the skills they have learned in the first course, this learning experience provides learners with more specialized knowledge while still tying it to real-world scenarios and skills that they will need when they get into the field as sustainability analysts....
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