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I am a professor and mental health researcher and educator, and I’ve been working in the field for over 15 years. Like so many of my colleagues, however, I was unprepared for the wave of mental health challenges that would face our society in 2020. From COVID-19 and the devastating economic impacts of the pandemic to racial justice protests, widespread natural disasters, our current cultural moment presents unprecedented mental health concerns, and particularly for marginalized communities. For this reason, I led a field-wide call to action for mental health research and treatment that resulted in this #TalkMentalIllness course. I had the opportunity to speak to over 30 experts from different domains in psychology research, practice, and popular public figures and to discuss the causes and cutting-edge treatments for many serious disorders, the stigma surrounding mental illness in our culture, systemic inequality in mental health treatment, and the mental health challenges of today. #talkmentalillness curates the interviews from the Mental Health Experts series into an accessible learning experience that will help you have conversations about mental health. Talking about mental illness is both the content and desired outcome of this course, as you will use what you learn from my interviews with mental health experts to guide your own discussions about mental health challenges and treatments with family members, friends, colleagues, and other people in your life. The course will begin by presenting a core set of definitions for mental illness and analyzing the stigma associated with it. We will then apply these topics to specific psychological disorders, including anxiety and mood disorders, eating disorders, suicide, substance use, and psychosis. We will then consider how these issues disproportionately impact marginalized groups and communities of color. The course will conclude by considering innovative approaches to psychological treatments and how the pursuit and science of happiness inform mental health and wellness. This course is part of a broader educational mission to share the science of mental illness with both students and the public, both locally and globally. I have designed and created it in collaboration with the Office for Academic Innovation and Libraries’ Media Services Team at the University of Colorado Boulder. - June Gruber...

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2021년 8월 25일

I thought the mental health experts were all excellent choices, as well as varied in their topics.


2021년 5월 24일

Great course for a professional in the field or anyone who wants to learn.

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