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How well do you think you know tango? This two-week mini-course is designed for music lovers, musicians, and dancers who are interested in learning more about the Argentine Tango. It will explore the many dimensions of the Argentine Tango music, including its origins, popularization during the Golden Age, dissemination abroad, evolution into an artistic music-dance form, and adoption by Argentine and international art-music composers to date. The goal is to provide learners with an authentic and holistic tango experience by intersecting scholarly studies of the history, theory, and culture of tango with knowledge of instrumental performance practices. Learners can also learn more about basic tango gestures and steps that embody the music, as well as the poetry of tango....

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2020년 8월 17일

Very interesting course on a very interesting dance. But don't take it if you want to learn how to dance it. This is about its history. Several good links to several online sources.


2021년 2월 2일

Insightful program, rich context from cultural influence with impressive sample playlist

to better understand the evolving styles of Tango spanning the past 100 years!

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2022년 11월 27일