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Whether you have already taught English as a Second Language and want to start teaching it online, you've already been teaching ESL online and want to sharpen your skills, or you are new to teaching and interested in teaching ESL online, ASU and VOXY provide you with the basic ideas and concepts you need to know in order to successfully teach ESL online. This course uses a fun and interesting theme of "International Travel" to deliver content in an entertaining way. There are also plenty of real, recorded online session videos from VOXY in the course to show you examples of what it looks like to teach ESL online. In this course, you will learn about the best practices for teaching English as a Second Language online. This includes an introduction to online teaching, Second Language Acquisition theories and how they apply to ESL learners, conducting a needs analysis, curating content for your courses, designing lesson plans, and effective teaching strategies that will help you to become an successful online ESL teacher. The course consists of a variety of videos and readings, followed by quizzes. In the last module of the course, actual VOXY online ESL teachers share their experiences in the online classroom....

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2020년 11월 24일

This course is an excellent choice for anyone interested in teaching ESL. Weekly Lessons/Modules are well-planned. Videos were informative and enjoyable. The instructor, Emilia, was wonderful!


2020년 8월 23일

Wonderful course! I felt great going through evidence based teaching methods and the pleasing demeanor of Emilia. The fictional video simulations were well choreographed. Overall, I loved it.

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